Volunteering Experiences

TEDx Organizing Experience

I am proud to have played a pivotal role in the organization of TEDx events at my university. In 2019, I served as a dedicated team member for TEDxKathmandu University, contributing to the success of an event centered around the theme “Connecting Dots.” The event aimed to bring together diverse ideas, encouraging the audience to explore the interconnectedness of various concepts.

Building on that experience, I took on a leadership role as the lead organizer for the 2022 edition of TEDxKathmandu University. The theme for the 2022 event was “Future Worth Creating.” In this capacity, I oversaw the planning, coordination, and execution of the event, working closely with a dedicated team to curate talks and activities that explored the possibilities of the future. The event aimed to inspire and motivate attendees to envision and contribute to a future that is worth creating.

These experiences have been instrumental in honing my organizational skills, fostering teamwork, and contributing to the creation of intellectually stimulating and impactful TEDx events.

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